How to download, and use Minecraft Schematics!

Downloading and using schematics is really simple, just watch this video on how to do this!

We are still creating the video, but until thats done here a text tutorial on this:

1. Download this 3D minecraft editor "MCedit" -

2. Download one of our schematics and save it on your computer
3. Open MCedit and load the world you want - or open a world (for servers) then wait for it to load
4. At the bottom click the crane icon, a dialog box should appear, then navigate to the schematic you saved and click open
5. Wait for to schematic to appear
6. Move the schematic to where you want it
7. Click the left mouse button
8. At the panel on the left of the screen click Import
9. Pres on the keyboard Ctrl+S to save
10. close MCedit and open your world in minecraft!