When the new site is fully finished (Roughly the end of this week) we will be moving the domain to the new website and this website will be - we will put up a notice right before we move on the homepage.
Reasons why we are moving:
The new website we are moving to will be much better than the current one, the new design is in a Forum style website and then allows automatic uploads and a wider community
We think that this new "Forum" system will work better than the previous website, some reasons below:
People can sign up with accounts and help grow a community
>Forum Style
The new forum style layout will allow automatic uploads from users of their schematics rather than waiting for the admins to upload one
>All-round better interface
basicly it just works better than the old style.

The reason why we have changed is because of
1.Survey Results (popular demand)
2.It wasn't working well for us
The problem with the past system was that users were reliant on us making and uploading the schematics, now this new system encourages users to submit their own schematics (as well as the admins) and discuss topics with each other.

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